Desiadda through the Month

Desiadda through the Month

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending. At desiadda, December was ecstatic. While we were transforming to cater to business orders, the demand for our products grew significantly. Throughout the month, there wasn’t a single day where we laid our butts to rest. As far as I remember – and I have an eidetic memory – there was a business order consignment to deliver roughly every alternate day, and we at desiadda successfully delivered each and every one of them to a happy customer! “No days off. I’m a Workaholic.”, everyone at the office seemed to chant.

The chaos all started when we received an order to deliver 50 Miniature Handmade Wooden ‘Mysore Palace Replicas’ for the New Year’s celebration at DRC Cinemas. Travel parkz placed orders for palaces, which we delivered in time and in good quality, which prompted them to place an order for 250 boxes. These orders posed more challenges than expected and took the team over 14 days to process and deliver. Some will be delivered even today. In between, impressed by the concept of the utility ‘Know Your Holiday’ Mug, they bought 20 of this eloquent design, the concept being – people plan holidays over coffee and holidays play a significant role in planning trips. The Mug however, ran a threadbare cliché even to this day in demand for holidays in the office!

Although mathematical probability says otherwise, we scored an order from a tech startup, ‘Qwinix’ for their ‘Annual Bash Party’ (Pun Intended) and the Hackathon. Qwinix placed an order for 200 T-shirts which were served for under 12 hours, and if that was a feat in itself, we also custom designed and provided for 30 mementos, well finished and packed in a blindsiding 5 hours. It was exhausting, but nonetheless rewarding and most of all satiating.

SVYM (Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement) one of our earliest supporters, placed an order for 20 wooden ‘Dasara Ambaris’ and a few Mementos featuring a handcrafted bust of Swami Vivekananda, involving complex handcrafted intricate designs. This kind of work demands time, but Desiadda sourced magic to deliver these products right on time for the event ‘Swaraanubhuthi’ on 20th December.

Returning to our roots, we sourced an order for the SJCE Global Alumni meet. We delivered 30 desi white wood commemorative garlands, 30 shawls, 30 mementos, 50 in house designed photo collages celebrating the college, 50 printed mugs, and 50 bags. Through to the close of a month we were riding on a high of exciting orders running between days, and it all still seems dizzy.

Somewhere between then and now desiadda was re-forming. We now had a viable business model. A feasible structure to support the market, we always wanted to. The market that has always been understated and undermined. We also served another order at SJCE for the ECE Faculty Development Program, for over 10 mementos, 60 Files, Notebooks, Key chains, and Pen stands, all of which were sourced from Desi handcrafts.

Furthermore we received an order two days ago from Komfort Suites, for their  function “Hold it All”, and only yesterday did we furnish a 16″ Mysore Palace Replica for Rotary West Association. While I write, people about me are still packaging and finishing the products to be presented for Komfort Suites. And I only in awe am admiring the pace at which the all the accessories: Penstand, mobile phone stand, card holder and Pen are being packed.

As the year rushed to culminate itself, a quarter for desiadda also ended. We supplied for businesses throughout the quarter: a Mutual Fund Advisor at BNI Meet with tea coasters for gifting in October, Bulk orders for Bamboo Boxes from Vellore and also  Mementos and Pen stands to SJCE Ed Board for the Kannada Rajyotsava celebration in November, and December just took the tops off of us!

A tenuous idea that started operations in October, now has a firm ground. Most of all, December served as a month of reassurance. We expect a turnover of over 3 Lacs in December, and look forward to serve the desi market, in fact enlarge the market for these products. We have things lined up ahead, more orders, more businesses to cater to, more events to attend to, and more cities to cover. In particular, we look to expand and begin Bangalore operations, and cater to about 10 events in January to spur our new year into growth!

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