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Desiadda is a company that looks at delivering products that are unique to India. We procure products from small-scale, rural and tribal industries and non-profits, which constitutes our primary pool of products. In addition, we amass city-centric and event-specific products, which, in-addition to the primary pool, helps create a dynamic and well-centered market.

Desiadda looks at strengthening the grassroots of Indian industries by offering a substantial platform for the most creative and resourceful of products picked from the best and remote parts of India thus showcasing the vivid culture, the unique flavor, the essence of the small industries, of freelancers, of artisans and of the liberal workforce of India. This helps increase the demand for local products, thus promoting employment opportunities in the rural/tribal sector as well.

This company is one that welcomes marketing enthusiasts, photographers, graphic-designers, artists, artisans promoters and most importantly, people who have a penchant to travel, to join its fold and put desiadda on the map.

Our staff get to interact with new people and experience varied cultures of India. We get to meet various suppliers and in addition to learning inside information on how these industries work, we get to work with them closely and help craft a product worthy of the work.

Product procurement, networking and meeting targets are achieved through symbiotic teams, whose members meet regularly and brainstorm on how to best deliver products that the customers need. We think from the perspective of the customer and we implement all creative ideas.

We are trying to create a culture where the traditional art and heritage of India can exist within the ambit of today's society.

So, if you are looking to join our team, wherever you are in India, contact us. Write to us at and we will get back to you in kind.

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