We are comoany based in Mysuru, with operations across the country through our online platform. We professionalize in providing custom-made products, mementos, memorabilia, t-shirts and more. We provide complete design solutions and offer to-the-door service. Our prices and make are genuine, and our products carry an Indian-touch, as all our products are made by local artisans.


Team Desiadda is comprised of enthusiasts who are particularly well-versed in the art of understanding customer requirements, promoting events and brands through great products and merchandises and putting the needs of the customers above all. The team consists of marketing and sales expert, graphic designer, content developer, technology expert, procurement expert, artists, Artisans and talented work force who work round the clock to achieve the best.


Vision for Desiadda: To offer sustainable and effective online/offline platforms, services methodologies and professional solutions for enabling artists, artisans, designerd and producers to showcase their ware, while offerring customers across various segments a unique, user-friendly and pleasurable shopping experience.

Mission On Supplier End: To offer a platform for preservation and better channelization of skills, and promotion of Indian-­made products 

Mission for Corporate Clients: To offer hassle ­free and effective branding, merchandising and gifting solutions.

Mission for Individual Shoppers: To provide authentic, artistic, creative and affordable gifting or home décor products across multiple user-friendly platforms


1. Provides a platform for local artists and artisans to showcase their unique works of craft and arts.

2. Promotes Indian arts and crafts, most of which are confirmed to remote geographic areas and not presented to the world in a tangible manner.

3. Offers the support of technology to create better visibility for Indian Products.

4. Fuels the passion of artisans to continue work on crafting exclusive pieces of art, by bridging them with the people who are just as passionate about the quality of great craftsmanship.

5. Brings to the table cost effective products accross a wide array - Gifts, Momentos, Souvenirs and more.

6. Keeps the concept of customization and personalization close to its core, recognizing the importance of personal gifts in an era of increasing generalization.

7. Caters creative gifting solution and personalized services to ensure the best customer service and apt gifts for all events.

8. House a team of youngesters passionate about the field and committed deeply to the idea of supporting "Make in India" and about the idea of Thought Leaders.

9. Provides Great offers and discounts.

10. Offers shopping across various platforms- Touch-and-Feel experience store, online e-commerce platform, Personalized at-the-door Customer Interaction Service.

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