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Handicrafts, painting and such artifacts have always interesed me. This shop dedicated to such art peices have wonderful collections. Mysuru, as it is known for its artisans of world fame, naturally a visitor to Mysuru want not fail to visit this shop, very eponymosly called "Desiadda" and go back home carrying valuable momentos to cherish this visit to this royal city which is also a tourist paradise. All the best to the team for presenting such arts and handicrafts.

K B Ganapathy

Seems a great way to showcase the work of 'namma Mysuru' artisans. Can see stuff from other states as well. Worth shopping online or a visit when in town I think.

Ramya Kumar

Beautiful collections. Nice initiatives to support local artisans and to provide one common platform for shopping, I just missed to visit in my last Mysuru visit. Good Luck - I would say please post many pictures by collections/by kind of art / by artist .....slice and dice your collection , looking forward for new place to shop :)

Swarna Modi

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